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Winter Evenings


A cozy little print I made last winter while trying to stay warm in chilly New England! I have to say those little cows in the corner might be my favorites out of all the cows I’ve ever carved. Lots of good stuff all in one little place!

Print is a 9”x11.5”. Printed on acid-free paper using a rubber-based ink. No fading here! The paper measures 11”x14”. I ship out orders 2-5 days after I receive them. These are shipped in recyclable tube to ensure the safe arrival of your order. Please keep in mind that international orders may take 1-4 weeks to arrive and that orders to remote or rural areas may take longer than the 3-5 day average.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY: I will not ship international unless I hear from you! So if you want to shoot me an email before you place your order that’d be great, or I’ll email you afterwards, but either way I generally ask for about $15-$20 extra and refund all of what I don’t use. Thanks for understanding!

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KIC Document 0001.jpg