Hello there! My name is Addie. Currently, I live in Belfast, Maine, but during the school year I live in Providence, RI. I like bread and contra dancing and looking out windows. I dream of fields of lupine and being the caretaker of a Vandercook Universal Proof Press (if you have any leads on one that needs a home, let me know!). I am a knitter and writer and singer and stitcher. Tradition is important to me. Handwork dominates the trajectory of my practice—I find carving and printing meditative. Mending is also a big part of my day-to-day life, but that’s a story for another place!

I’m still learning the ropes of this whole website/online store thing, so if you have any tips or suggestions please let me know! Otherwise, please just bear with me for a while… I’m not overly good with online thingamajigs.

Thanks for stopping by!

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