Mending Manifesto


Manifesto: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer! Mending does matter! This broadside was inspired by my mission to become better about sustainability in my own clothing practices…starting with darning and patching and repairing my own favorite clothes (see pictured!). I encourage you to do the same. Mending is one simple step you can take towards sustainability and environmental friendliness and this print can be a friendly reminder to carry on the tradition of clothing repair!

Spread the word! Get one for you, a friend and a telephone pole! These are printed using hand-set lead type and a Vandercook Universal Proof Press. They are printed on cotton paper with rubber based ink. I ship out orders 2-5 days after I receive them. All prints are mailed out in a recyclable tube to ensure the safe arrival of your order. Please keep in mind that international orders may take 1-4 weeks to arrive and that orders to remote or rural areas may take longer than the 3-5 day average.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING POLICY: I will not ship international unless I hear from you! So if you want to shoot me an email before you place your order that’d be great, or I’ll email you afterwards, but either way I generally ask for about $15-$20 extra and refund all of what I don’t use. Thanks for understanding!

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